The company Velo Simeone (later renamed to Velo Enomeccanica) was founded by the Velo brothers in 1950. In 1985 the brothers each went their own way and Velo Acciai was founded (providing solutions for various oenological processes, including liquid processing). Following a further focus on liquid processing and filtration solutions, the company was rebranded as VLS Technologies in 2015. In 2017 CDS LiquiSep (a division of CDSVINTEC in collaboration with Technisol) was appointed as the South African agents.


The core business of our supplier (VELO ACCIAI trading as VLS Technologies) is the development of technological solutions for liquid filtration. This area of expertise allows them to customize filtration solutions for each customers’ individual needs.

Liquid processing solutions by VLS

Offered by VLS Technologies to the wine, beer, cider, fruit juice and edible oil industries cover all foreseeable filtration, clarification, concentration and separation requirements and include flotation plants, rotary drum vacuum filters, horizontal & vertical screen filters, sheet filters, press filters, housing for cartridges, the supply of cross filter membranes, crossflow filters, reverse osmoses plants and machines for pH correction/tartrate stabilization. In Illustration of their technical innovation, VLS Technologies recently scooped an award (1 of only 4 awarded) for Cross-Flow technology innovation at SIMEI/DRINKTEC 2017. VLS Technologies guarantees timely, & accurate post-sale assistance through its network of international agents and representatives. As their technologies are designed and developed in-house, they have the knowledge to troubleshoot any issue that may arise. For more information please open the link. More info...

Other oenological solutions by VLS

Other oenological solutions are also offered by VLS Technologies and include concentration,
de-sulphurization and reverse osmosis. More info...